The Moorman Company

The Moorman Manufacturing Company was created in 1900 in Gorin, MO., to sell a hog mineral mixture, designed to make the hogs healthier, in homemade white cotton sacks. A few years later, the operation was moved to Quincy. Moorman’s went on to manufacture more than 150 different products for feeding livestock and poultry before it was sold to ADM in 1997.

The prospering Moorman Manufacturing business led Charles A. Moorman – son of founder Thomas Robinson (T.R.) Moorman – and his wife, Fabiola Cassidy Moorman, to establish a foundation in 1942 that gave them an outlet to channel their philanthropic activities.

Charles A. Moorman died in 1948, but his wife Fabiola remained involved in the operations of the Moorman Foundation until she died in 1977. The foundation continues to hold dear the basic economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society.
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