Moorman Professorship

Through a partnership with the Moorman Foundation of Quincy, Ill., Culver-Stockton College has established the distinguished Moorman Professorship. The Moorman Professorship at Culver-Stockton College will be a featured designation of excellence for the faculty holder and signal to the academic community, as well as the regional community, the importance of informing and engaging emerging future leaders on the value of a free-market society, entrepreneurship, and strong personal character.

Culver-Stockton College believes in the importance of preserving and growing our regional economies through a skilled and educated workforce who will not only contribute their skill set to the region but be successful contributors to economic indicators as consumers and investors.  The Moorman Professorship will expose students at Culver-Stockton College to enhanced and new opportunities that we believe will motivate high-achieving students to remain in the regional area.

Named professorships represent the hallmark of an exceptional academic institution.  Naming a distinguished member of our faculty as The Moorman Professor enables Culver-Stockton College to recognize a notable member of our faculty whose contributions in free-enterprise systems and expertise in teaching translate to a demonstrated passion for educating the next generation of business leaders.  
The prestigious Moorman Professorship at Culver-Stockton College will help educate next generation professionals for our community and improve the response to challenges that our region may face in future decades and generations.

With the support of the Moorman Foundation, Culver-Stockton College is poised to make an increased impact on the economic development activities of our communities and the region, as well as educate the public about important economic issues. A heightened emphasis has been placed on providing a proactive response to the workforce requirements of the surrounding area.

Activities and experiences supported by the Moorman Professorship will enhance curriculum, generate discussion and provide for a deeper understanding of the basic economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society.  The impact of the Moorman Professorship will be recognized throughout the region as interdisciplinary teams of faculty and students engage with industry throughout the tri-state area.

Dr. Matt Osborn
Assistant Professor of Business,
Moorman Professor
573-288-6000 Ext. 6431
Kristina Corzatt
Moorman Professor
Administrative Assistant
Assistant Professor of Business , Moorman Professor
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Previous Moorman Professors

Jim Cosgrove
Professor of Business Administration
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